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This website compiles information about the New Hormones record label which operated for a few short years in the late 70s and early 80s.
I had made a website about Fast Product and pop:Aural and decided that now I would try my hand at doing the same for New Hormones.
My knowledge of these records is much poorer than my knowledge about the other labels; so I welcome any info or scans you may have to offer. Thanks.

New Hormones misc

New Hormones

What I've found out about the label from the internet ( this site being the only real source of information out there) indicates that there was one record in 1977 (the Buzzcocks' amazing first EP) and a collage, then nothing for over two years, then roughly 25 in the next 3 years.
I've seen the label attributed to the buzzcocks. I doubt this is the case, but I would also not be surprised if they did in fact run it.

new hormones discography

org 1 7" The Buzzcocks

  Spiral Scratch
a. Breakdow  1'59"
Time's Up  3'07"
b. Boredome  2'51"
Friends Of Mine  2'16"

org 3 7" The Tiller Boys

a. Big Noise From The Jungle  6'02"
b. Slaves And Pyramids  2'19"
What Me Worry  3'22"

org 4 12" Ludus

  The Visit

org 5 7" The Decorators

a. Twilight View  2'50"
b. Reflections  2'15"

org 6 12" Eric Random

  That's What I like About Me

org 7 7" Dislocation Dance

a. it's so difficult  2'56"
familiar view  3'20"
b. birthday outlook  
perfectly in control  

org 8 7" Ludus

a. my cherry is in sherry  
anatomy is not destiny  

org 9 7" Diagram Brothers

a. Bricks  2'44"
b. Postal Bargains  1'56"

org 10 LP Dislocation Dance

  Slip That Disc
a. It's All True... Panic!  
I'll See It  
We Can Work It Out  
b. This Problem  
So Much Fault  
Under One And Over  
Spare Concern  

org 11 7" Eric Random

a. Dow Chemical Company  
b. Skin Deep  

org 12 7" Ludus

a. Patient  
b. Mother's Hour  

org 14 12" God's Gift

  God's Gift

org 15 LP Dislocation Dance

  Music, Music, Music
a. Stand Me Up  
Don't Knock Me Down  
YOPS Course  
Meeting Mum and Dad  
Take a Chance (on Romance)...  
...Have a Dance  
b. Roof is Leaking  
With a Smile on Your Face and a Frown in Your Heart  
Vendetta (Theme)  
Narrow Laughs  
Can't Race Time... and The Mad Killer  
Wonder What I'll Do Tomorrow  

org 16 2xLP Ludus

  The Seduction

org 17 LP Diagram Brothers

  Some Marvels Of Modern Science

org 18 LP Eric Random


org 19 7" Dislocation Dance

a. Rosemary  
b. Shake  

org 20 LP Ludus

  Danger Came Smiling

org 21 10" Diagram Brothers


org 22 7" Dislocation Dance

a. You'll Never Know  
b. You Can Tell  

org 25 7" God's Gift

a. Discipline  
b. Then Calm Again  

org 30 7" Alberto Y Los Trios Paranoias

a. cruising with santa  

Miscellaneous Releases/Nonreleases

misc discography

cat 1 Cassette Ludus


cat 2 Cassette CP Lee

  Mystery Guild Radio Sweat

cat 3 Cassette Biting Tongues

  Live It

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Please get in touch with me if you can shed any light on any of the releases that only have vague information. As well, if you'd like to offer reviews of the music, phase two of this website is the addition of opinion content; I welcome as many views on the music as possible. My name is Daniel and email address is certain(at)gmail.com